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Giuseppe Conte

Exploring Monte Testaccio

Explore Monte Testaccio, an ancient Roman artificial mound, now a historical landmark in the Testaccio district.

Testaccio Attraction
Chiara Bianchi

Exploring Aventine Hill and Knights of Malta Keyhole

Journey through the serene Aventine Hill and discover the intriguing Knights of Malta Keyhole for a unique view of Rome in the Testaccio district.

Attraction Testaccio
Chiara Bianchi

Exploring Pyramid of Cestius

Discover the ancient Pyramid of Cestius, a remarkable Roman monument in the heart of Testaccio.

Attraction Testaccio
Duane McLaughlin

Where to Eat Pasta all'amatriciana in Testaccio: Rome's Foodie Neighborhood

Discover Testaccio, the heart of Rome's food scene, and its best spots for the classic Pasta all'amatriciana.

Testaccio Food
Farah Marini

Cacio e Pepe in Testaccio: Experiencing Rome's Authentic Working-Class District

Embark on a culinary journey in Testaccio for authentic Cacio e Pepe. A taste of Rome's working-class heritage.

Testaccio Food