Meet Our Team

Discover the passionate individuals behind our blog about Rome!

Duane McLaughlin


Originally from California, Duane has made Rome his home for over a decade. His initial love for Zinfandel has transformed into a passion for Primitivo, a similar grape found in Italy. Duane's blog is a treasure trove for foodies and wine enthusiasts, offering insightful articles on Italian cuisine, local wine favorites, and expert advice on pairing wines with traditional Italian dishes.

Chiara Bianchi


Chiara hails from Milan but moved to Rome for her studies. Her blog is an exciting journey through Rome's streets, as she loves to explore the city's hidden gems and share them with her readers. From quaint cafes to bustling markets, Chiara's blog is perfect for those looking to discover Rome beyond the tourist spots.

Farah Marini


A true Roman, Farah's expertise lies in the city's rich history and vibrant modern art scene. Her blog posts are like guided tours through Rome's most iconic attractions, monuments, and museums, offering a deep dive into the stories and artistry that define the Eternal City.

Christian Rizzo


Christian, also from Rome, brings a unique twist to his blog. He focuses on the contemporary urban lifestyle of Rome, blending the ancient with the modern. From street art tours to the latest in Rome's fashion scene, Christian's blog offers a fresh perspective on Rome as a living, evolving city.

Liepa Valiulytė


Originally from Vilnius, Liepa's love for black and white photography and Italian cuisine makes her blog stand out. She masterfully captures the essence of Rome's culinary delights through her lens. Her blog is a delightful mix of restaurant reviews, traditional Italian recipes, and stunning visual storytelling, appealing to both food lovers and photography enthusiasts.