Duane McLaughlin

Where to Find Rome's Best Wine Bars

A guide to discovering the finest wine bars in the heart of Rome.

Cozy wine bar in Rome with a selection of fine wines

There's something magical about Rome at night, especially when you're perched at a wine bar with a glass of something special. Hi, Duane McLaughlin here, ready to guide you through the city's vibrant wine bar scene. Whether you're a serious oenophile or just looking for a cozy spot to unwind, Rome has a wine bar that's perfect for you.

1. Il Goccetto

Il Goccetto is a true Roman classic. With its ancient wooden interiors and an impressive selection of wines, it's a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The focus here is on Italian wines, but you'll find some international options too.

2. Enoteca Ferrara

In the charming Trastevere neighborhood, Enoteca Ferrara stands out for its extensive wine list and knowledgeable staff. Perfect for those looking to explore Italian wines in depth.

3. Cul de Sac

Near Piazza Navona, Cul de Sac offers a cozy atmosphere with a wine list that’s as impressive as it is diverse. It's also a great spot to pair your wine with delicious small plates.

4. Roscioli

A combination of a wine bar, restaurant, and deli, Roscioli offers an unforgettable experience. Their wine selection is top-notch, and the food pairings are sublime.

5. Litro

For those who love natural and organic wines, Litro is the place to be. This modern wine bar in Monteverde has a relaxed vibe and a fantastic selection of natural wines from Italy and beyond.

Each of these wine bars offers a unique glimpse into Rome's wine culture, providing both incredible wines and unforgettable atmospheres. So grab a glass, relax, and enjoy the Roman way of life!