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Trastevere's Vibrant Calendar: Events & Festivities 2023-2024

Dive into Trastevere's bustling event scene with food, music, and cultural festivals set to ignite the streets of Rome's most charming neighborhood in 2023-2024.

Lively street festival in Trastevere with music and food stalls

Trastevere, Rome's heart of culture and festivity, is gearing up for an exciting array of events and festivals. From mouth-watering food and drink events to electrifying music festivals, this neighborhood is the place to be in 2023-2024.

Food & Drink Events

Trastevere's culinary scene comes alive with events like the 'Sagra del Carciofo', a festival dedicated to artichokes, and the 'Rome Food and Wine Festival', showcasing local and international cuisines. Wine enthusiasts should not miss 'Vino Roma', a celebration of Italian wines.

Performances & Concerts

The cobblestone streets echo with music during the 'Trastevere Jazz Festival', featuring local and international artists. The 'Open-Air Theater Nights' bring a blend of classic and contemporary plays under the Roman sky.

Sporting Events

Trastevere hosts exciting events like the 'Trastevere Run', a scenic marathon through the neighborhood's historic sites. The 'Tiber River Rowing Race' is a unique spectacle, drawing crowds to the riverbanks.

Street Festivals & Parades

The 'Festa de' Noantri' is a highlight, a traditional festival with parades, live music, and folk dances. The 'Trastevere Street Art Festival' transforms the neighborhood into an open-air gallery, celebrating contemporary art.

Music Festivals

Music lovers can revel in events like the 'Trastevere Music Fest', featuring genres from classical to rock. The 'Electronic Music Weekend' brings cutting-edge beats to the ancient streets of Trastevere.

Additional Celebrations and Attractions

Discover Trastevere's Festive Spirit

Whether you're a foodie, music enthusiast, or culture buff, Trastevere's event calendar for 2023-2024 offers something for everyone. Immerse yourself in this vibrant community and experience the true essence of Roman festivities.