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Rome's Top 3 Picks for Unforgettable Carbonara: A Foodie's Delight

Discover the best Carbonara in Rome and learn about the rich history behind this iconic dish.

A creamy, perfectly cooked plate of Carbonara, garnished with freshly grated cheese and black pepper

In the culinary heart of Rome, Carbonara stands as a testament to Italian cooking's simplicity and elegance. This dish, with its creamy egg sauce, crispy pancetta, and perfectly cooked pasta, is a staple in Roman cuisine and a favorite among food lovers worldwide.

My 3 Favorite Places for Carbonara in Rome

Rome's trattorias and ristorantes serve up some of the most authentic and delicious Carbonara you'll ever taste.

The History of Carbonara

Carbonara, though a quintessentially Roman dish, has its origins shrouded in mystery. Some suggest it was born during World War II when American soldiers combined bacon and eggs with pasta, a theory that intertwines Italian culinary skills with international influences. Others trace its roots back to the Apennine hills, where shepherds prepared this hearty meal using the few ingredients they had on hand: eggs, cheese, and cured pork. Over time, Carbonara has evolved into the rich, creamy pasta dish we know today, a beloved symbol of Roman gastronomy.