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Calcata: A Day Trip from Rome

Experience the unique charm of Calcata, a quaint village perfect for a day trip from Rome.

Day Trip
Charming village of Calcata


If you are looking for a unique and quirky day trip from Rome, you might want to consider visiting Calcata, a medieval hill town that has been transformed into a bohemian haven by artists and hippies. Calcata is located about 40 kilometers north of Rome, in the Treja valley, and it offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the river below.

Calcata is divided into two parts: Calcata Vecchia (Old Calcata) and Calcata Nuova (New Calcata). Calcata Vecchia is the original village that dates back to the Etruscan times, and it sits on top of a volcanic rock that rises 450 feet above the ground. Calcata Nuova is the modern village that was built in the 1960s, when the government ordered the evacuation of Calcata Vecchia for safety reasons.

However, Calcata Vecchia was not demolished as planned, and instead it became a refuge for artists and hippies who moved in and restored the abandoned houses. Today, Calcata Vecchia is a colorful and eccentric place, where you can find art galleries, studios, cafes, restaurants, and even a museum dedicated to the Holy Foreskin (yes, you read that right).

Calcata is a perfect destination for those who love art, nature, history, and mystery. You can explore the narrow alleys and stone houses of Calcata Vecchia, admire the artworks and crafts of the local artists, enjoy a delicious meal in one of the cozy restaurants, hike along the Treja river and visit the nearby waterfalls and caves, or join one of the festivals and events that take place throughout the year.

Getting There

By Public Transport

If you don't have a car, you can still reach Calcata by public transport, but you will need to take a combination of metro, train, and bus. Here are the steps:

By Car

If you have a car, getting to Calcata is much easier and faster. You can take the Cassia bis (SS2) road towards Viterbo, and exit at Settevene. Then follow the signs for Calcata until you reach Calcata Nuova. You will need to park your car at 'Parcheggio Calcata Centro Storico' and walk to Calcata Vecchia as well.

The driving time from Rome to Calcata is about one hour, depending on traffic. Parking is paid, so remember to bring some coins for the ticket machine.

Top Attractions at Calcata

The Medieval Village

The main attraction of Calcata is the village itself, which looks like a fairy-tale castle perched on a volcanic rock. The village dates back to the Etruscan era and has a rich history of art, culture and religion. You can explore the narrow alleys, stone houses, arches and stairways that make up this enchanting place. You can also admire the views of the Treja valley and the surrounding countryside from the panoramic terrace.

The Museum of the Holy Foreskin

One of the most curious and controversial attractions of Calcata is the Museum of the Holy Foreskin, which displays a replica of the alleged relic of Jesus' circumcision. The original relic was kept in Calcata's church for centuries, until it mysteriously disappeared in 1983. The museum tells the story of the relic and its cult, as well as displaying other religious objects and artworks related to Calcata's history.

More Attractions

Activities and Experiences

Hiking in the Treja Valley Regional Park

Calcata is located within the Treja Valley Regional Park, a natural reserve that protects the flora and fauna of the area. You can enjoy hiking along the trails that cross the park, following the river Treja and its waterfalls. You can also visit other medieval villages nearby, such as Mazzano Romano and Nepi.

Workshops and Events

Calcata offers a variety of workshops and events for visitors who want to learn new skills or have fun. You can join pottery, painting, yoga, meditation, cooking or wine tasting classes, or attend concerts, festivals, exhibitions or markets that take place throughout the year.

Lesser Known Stories and Interesting Facts about Calcata

Calcata is a village full of surprises and secrets. Here are some lesser known stories and interesting facts about it: