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Ossobuco alla Milanese Wine Pairing Tips

Explore wine selections that enhance the rich flavors of Ossobuco alla Milanese.

Red wine paired with Ossobuco alla Milanese

Basics to Pairing Wine With Ossobuco alla Milanese

As a general rule, Ossobuco alla Milanese pairs wonderfully with wines that can complement its rich and savory flavors, typically found in this slow-cooked veal shank dish. The key is to match the intensity and depth of flavors in the Ossobuco with a wine that offers a balance between acidity, tannins, and fruitiness.

General Tips for Pairing Wine with Ossobuco alla Milanese

When pairing wine with Ossobuco alla Milanese, consider the dish's dominant flavors of veal, tomatoes, and aromatic vegetables. A wine with good acidity can cut through the richness of the meat, while a fuller-bodied wine will complement the hearty nature of this Milanese classic. Both red and white wines can work, depending on the specific preparation and personal preference.

Specific Pairings for Ossobuco alla Milanese

  • Barolo (€50-€100): With its robust structure and complex flavors, Barolo is a classic pairing. A specific recommendation would be the Marchesi di Barolo Tradizione Barolo.
  • Chardonnay (€20-€40): For a white wine option, a full-bodied Chardonnay can be delightful. The Planeta Chardonnay with its oak and buttery notes can be a great companion to the dish.

Can you drink white wine with Ossobuco alla Milanese?

While red wine is a traditional pairing for Ossobuco, white wines, particularly those with fuller bodies and higher acidity, can also be a great choice. They can offer a refreshing counterpoint to the richness of the dish without overwhelming its flavors.

Ossobuco alla Milanese with a Modern Twist

When it comes to Italian cuisine, the simple and original recipes are always the best, but sometimes you want something new. For a twist, try incorporating a hint of orange zest and a splash of white wine in the braising liquid. This addition brings a subtle, bright flavor that contrasts the traditional recipe. Pair this version with a Pinot Grigio to highlight these fresher notes.


Summarizing, the key to pairing wine with Ossobuco alla Milanese lies in balancing the rich, savory flavors of the dish with a wine that complements or contrasts these elements. Whether you choose a robust red or a refreshing white, the joy of exploring different wine options will enhance this classic Italian dish.