Duane McLaughlin

A Day of Wine and Wandering in Rome

Join me on a delightful journey through Rome, pairing iconic sights with exquisite wines.

Exploring the charming streets of Rome with a glass of wine in hand

Salve, wine lovers! It's Duane McLaughlin here, inviting you on a delightful escapade through Rome, pairing the city’s iconic sights with its exquisite wines. Let's wander through the Eternal City, glass in hand, discovering hidden wine bars and historic landmarks.

Start with a Morning in Trastevere

Begin your day in the bohemian Trastevere neighborhood. Enjoy a light breakfast at a local café before heading to Enoteca Ferrara, known for its morning wine tastings and its selection of local and international wines.

Midday at the Pantheon and a Nearby Enoteca

As the Roman sun climbs, find yourself marvelling at the ancient Pantheon. Just a short walk away, visit Enoteca Antica for a midday glass of wine, where the aroma of aged wood and wine fills the air.

Afternoon Stroll Through Campo de' Fiori

Wander through the bustling Campo de' Fiori market and make your way to Roscioli for a late afternoon wine tasting. Their selection of both classic and unconventional Italian wines is superb.

Evening in Piazza Navona

As dusk falls, Piazza Navona's vibrant atmosphere comes alive. Cul de Sac, a cozy wine bar nearby, is an ideal spot to enjoy a glass of wine while watching the world go by.

Join me on this wine-infused journey through Rome, where every sip and step tells a story of history, culture, and the eternal love for vino.